Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Smile For Evolution

Armor For Sleep's latest initiative proves to employ mixed opinions all within the same allbum. The disc starts off exponentially more positive in instrument and tone then its predecessors (which is surprising not be falling into some fucking beautiful audio melodrama). Not sure yet if I like this new motif...however: the second half of the album is most rewarding. I trudged through the beginning, waiting for a usual AFS sound, and ahoy! there she fuckin' is!.

The tracks that did it for me were "Stand in the Spotlight", "Chemicals", and "Lullaby" because God! are they original. Doubting it is your first AFS experience with this new one, I'll say check it out before you buy it, but if it is pick it up, you might be surprised with this heartfelt twist to the emo genre (which sounds inevitable, but i think most emo is shit so whatever, fuck yourself).

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