Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good Morning

1988 was a fucking good year....for a couple of reasons: there was a badass summer where the heat was unparalleled, I enjoyed a birth, and anime evolved to a miraculous level. Akira was based on a graphic novel and translated into a ground-breaking motion picture that still defines culture today (as shown in Kanye West's video for his track "Stronger").

Akira deals with inner conflicts of hate, resentment, inferiority complexes, political insurgence and morality. Truly it is a film our generation should take heed to, seeing how greatly it effected every viewer it has had (especially since Ebert gave it a royal blessing). Also, it's pretty fucking badass for a 1980's film. So put away your vagina and check it out. It's available on single disc or two disc special edition DVD.

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