Monday, July 28, 2008

Keep It Graphic

The proliferation of films being produced that are adapted or gain inspiration from graphic novels is creating a vivd pallet for all movie-goers alike. The craze beginning primarily with Frank Miller's Sin City has continued to inspire other directors and cinematic visionaries to start projects involving blockbuster films like Alan Moore's V for Vendetta and the visually stunning 300.

This attention to the original art form of these on-screen versions is also on the rise, the films themselves acting as catalysts for marketing. More and more readers are taking notice to this older form of art, which is well deserved. The form of the graphic novel is different from a normal comic book, wherein there is a finite story contained in it's pages as opposed to a continuing saga with endless room for monotony. This gives reader's a more concrete feeling when finishing the piece; it helps to create more substance. There are also many novels who's themes are generated to be darker and more adult in nature, separating the childish enthusiast from the learned theorist.

With the range of topics and stories within the universe of the graphic novel, it's no wonder movies like the upcoming Watchmen are highly anticipated and strongly received.