Thursday, December 25, 2008

Featured Flashback Album: Ellen Allien - Thrills

Thrills is the fourth full length studio album from German electronic artist Ellen Allien. The ten tracks across the entire album feature blended elements of classic techno and new-age electro. The style of Allien has been said to be tough to pin to a specific genre, as she tends keep even the most flashiest of beats saturated with an experimental feel.

Though electronic in nature, Thrills also incorporates ethereal vocals to compliment the stylistic rhythms of her work. The opening track Come gives off a summative perspective on the album's musical intentions, as it uses heavy synth sets layered over a pronounced bass line. Definitely a good investment.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tracklist for Tuesday December 23, 2008

Rex The Dog - Maximize 2008
The Knife - Silent Shout
Thunderheist - Bubblegum
Photophob - Huge Storm Coming
Ellen Allien and Apparat - Way Out
CFCF - Arctic
MSTRKRFT - Wow (Kylie Minogue)
Ladytron - Predict the Day
Deadmau5 - So There I Was
I Am Robot And Proud - Something To Write Home About
Danger - 19h11
Dosh - Don't Wait for the Needle to Drop
Junior Boys - Teach Me How To Fight
The Knife - Heartbeats (Rex The Dog Remix)
Headman - Catch Me If You Can (Bag Raiders Remix)
CFCF - Call Girl

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tracklist for Tuesday December 16, 2008

Justice - Phantom Pt. II
Junior Boys - In the Morning
Just a Band - We Are
Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin
Deadmau5 - Not Exactly
Tycho - Sunrise Projector
MSTRKRFT - The Looks
Crystal Castles - Vanished
Danger - 11h30
MSTRKRFT - Street Justice (Essential Mix)
Mouse on Mars - Chartnok
Caribou - Lord Leopard
Concentrick - Undreamt
Headman - Catch Me if You Can (Bag Raiders Remix)
Apparat - Arcadia
Boys Noize - Oh! (A-Trak Remix)
Caribou - Pelican Narrows
Hot Chip - Hold On

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tracklist for Monday December 8, 2008

The Galvatrons - When We Were Kids (Bag Raiders Remix)
Boys Noize - Oh! (A-Trak Remix)
Crystal Castles - Black Panther
Deadmau5 - Complications
Some German Track I Can't Remember The Name Of
Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (SebAstian Remix)
I Am Robot And Proud - The Catch
Tycho - The Daydream
Holy Fuck - Nude (Radiohead)