Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grandma vs. Carbon! by Clayton Dach

"As long as our economy and culture is built around the shop-til-you-drop concept, we'll never really embrace the number one rule of environmentalism, which is to reduce." -Adria Vasil (Adbusters interview #73.vol15.no5.)

Clayton Dach's feature in the old issue of Adbusters found tucked in my shelf has sparked my environmental enthusiasm once more. As temperatures soared throughout Southwestern Ontario this past Thanksgiving weekend, my hopes for a greener existence melted into the searing pavement. Air conditioners and ovens running simultaneously, increased air and highway travel, plastic bag after hideous plastic bag being carted out of grocery stores across the city.... let’s face it, the environment was crying (and I was cringing). However, the tryptophan and pumpkin pie coma quickly silenced my fears and I ignored my concern for the planet. Thankfully, this article provided me with the insight and motivation to once again resume my neurotic, anxiety-inducing concern for the planet.
So, back to this article. Long story short, Adria Vasil really hit the nail on the head with that line. For the sake of preserving the simplicity of the statement, no further insight into the matter will be discussed. I merely hope it turns on that little (hopefully fluorescent) light bulb in your mind and the word "reduce" pops into your mind on a daily basis.

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