Thursday, October 11, 2007

It Must Be In The Air

Autumn. Change's abundancy wrapped up in a comforter of colourful wonder. The flora puts on a show, for those of us lacking capacity to shed our excess baggage, our dying, drying burdens. Yet there is still a sense of refreshment, and depression (depending on your outlook on the winter season).

Looking at it as the cold, fucking horrible time where you get pneumonia, drop all your homework in the snow so it gets wet, where grey shit from the dirty roads builds up all in your wheel wells and you can't not kick it out when you see it...OR we could look of it as a total white out, a chance for our own change. The page has been erased, the normal happenings of the world are hindered, gone almost. I suppose you could use this as a kickstart to something; don't know, don't care. Just something to think about.

1 comment:

michdot said...

Beat me to the punch with this post.
I'll take pumpkins, the musty smell of dead leaves, sweaters, and cold October nights over thick, humid summer air any day.
Cheers to a very fine season.