Sunday, February 1, 2009

Harmony and Dissonance

The music of Hamilton duo Junior Boys has been described in ways like "rhythmic capriciousness" all the way to "bedpost breaking, bed-spring-creaking, neighbor-banging-on-the-shared-wall, honeymoon-hotel-room sex". However appropriate both of these descriptions are, the band delivers streamlined melodies that create an overwhelming assault of the senses.

A lack of continuity, though, is made apparent on their 2009 release of their third album Begone Dull Care. In the cliche sense, the band is not changing their sound, but evolving to shape the music to match the transient nature of life itself. You still have the same pop based vocals from Jeremy Greenspan that woo you into awe and inspiration, yet the production and coding is much more rigorously complex and systematically beautiful. More tracks like "Hazel" and "Parallel Lines" flirt with boundaries between soft sounds and quick programming, weaving a tapestry of a cold city night lit only by the pale moon and the dazzling sparkle in your lover's eye.

01. Parallel Lines
02. Work
03. Bits And Pieces
04. Dull To Pause
05. Hazel
06. Sneak A Picture
07. The Animator
08. What It's For

The album drops on March 24 in Canada. Stream "Parallel Lines".


NICOLE M said...

hey omg are you that guy who has the new fantastic electronica, etc. show on cjam?

b-webb said...

Didn't you know!?

NICOLE M said...

haha sarcasm, crazy! ur show is great. your hair today was fantastic lolol that class was a TRIP