Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That Bubblegum Music

thun/der/heist: The act of stealing another's thunder, to trump another with something far more superior.

Toronto based duo Thunderheist are no strangers to the world of club-based electro. However they're putting a fresh spin on the Canadian scene. Front woman Isis and programmer Grahm Zilla put on a performance like no other seen in the greater Toronto area. Reminiscent of some of Kanye West's tracks that involve heavy electronic programming and complicated rhythmic work, Thunderheist is a natural blend of Hip Hop and Electronic. The lyrical work flows effortlessly over stylish bass lines to create a catalyst for bodily motion. The sound is essential electric, spewing light and heat from every breakdown.
You could be among thousands in a stadium, or intimate at your local bar... either way, if you're in the front row, expect to get wet. Thunderheist sweats Belvedere and Red Bull, and sprays more hooks than a heavyweight championship bout (Official Site).

The genre of combining hip hop and electronic is by no means a new thing; rap artists have been sampling for many years in order to add the exact sound they're looking for to compliment vocal work. Thunderheist approaches this cross-genre with a new attitude, focussing less on the rap-based elements as the primary source of artistry and instead make it one half of a balanced scale. Yet it's the less noticed prowess of the band's ability to transfer personal energy ideas into their music that creates such a masterful product. I imagine that a live show would be balls-to-the-wall intense, wherein the performance commanded you to get your energy flowing and experience a sense of bliss in motion.

When the Jerk It EP was released in 2008, a music video contest was presented to create an original video for the single "Jerrrk It". Videos started buzzing from a ton of places to try and impress the band and the internet audience alike. Although I am unaware of the winning video for this contest, I am personally partial to this entry directed by Kristen Waterson from Ryerson University.


01 Sweet 16
02 Nothing 2 Step 2
03 Jerk It
04 LBG (Little Booty Girl)
05 Bubblegum
06 Slow Roll
07 Space Cowboy
08 The Party After
09 Freddie
10 Do the Right Thing
11 Red Whine
12 Cruise Low
13 Anthem

If you plan on having a house party and are at a loss at what music should be played to equally serve as background beat and dance/party music alike, Thunderheist is a clear and obvious choice.

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