Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"This Lady...Does She Perhaps Have a Name?"

With the late 2008, self titled release, Pip Brown of Ladyhawke has prominently placed herself in a rising position within the electro-pop scene. The New Zealand native blends rhythmic guitars and bass with a pronounced and classical (almost vintage 1980's) feel of electro. Her lower, classical vocal range provides for a more unconventional, yet refreshing foreground to create a multi-modular cascade of sound, each element blending effortlessly with the other.

Though this release is a new addition to the game, by no means is Brown an inexperienced musician. She had previously been involved in two native Australian bands. Wellington was an initiative straight out of high school that she started with some friends, which led her to eventually pairing up with Nick Littlemore of Pnau to form Teenager. After two years collaborating with Nick, they parted ways so she could begin to focus on a conceptual solo effort dubbed Ladyhawke.

The album can be purchased both through Amazon and in the iTunes store. Click to preview a selection of tracks.


crustina said...

other picture was way siccer.
more "babetronica," if you know what i mean.

b-webb said...

Her music is amazing, and it makes me happy (which should make you happy because you love me).

crustina said...

Link www.kill-taker.blogspot.com and I'll admit to it.