Monday, January 19, 2009

Australia Does It Again

With a backward gaze toward the best releases of 2008, a select handful come to mind. However, in the electronic scene, few stood up to the unyielding musical brilliance of Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours. Though less technical with respect to their sound, the Melbourne trio once again proved themselves as master producers.

Moving away from their previous dance-punk sound, In Ghost Colours promotes a warm mixture of catchy synth keys and playful vocals. Often labeled as more "pop' oriented, the album still maintains its synthetic core. The band's electronic prowess bleeds through the pop-vocals effortlessly in "Out on the Ice Again" and resonates through multiple-instrument elements and drum kits in "Lights and Music".

Usually when a vocal strain is so upbeat and catchy it forces the listener to forget about or ignore the melody. Yet from front to back In Ghost Colours will have you singing the lyrics and dancing to the impressive rhythms simultaneously.


NICOLE M said...

No way, didn't know they were Aussie! I swear the best music comes from Australia...

crustina said...

They moved away from a "dance-punk" sound?
I think you played the wrong album for me.

b-webb said...

It isn't as "punk" as you would think. I'm sorry the track from yesterday wasn't punk or glitch enough for your style. Hopefully you'll enjoy the one I play tonight.

However, I know you can appreciate their technical and rhythmic talent.