Saturday, January 10, 2009

Immolate Yourself

January 20, 2009 marks the release of Telefon Tel Aviv's (Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis) newest LP titled Immolate Yourself. The album works to reconnect the more modern and minimal, glitch style that the duo is known for with a throwback of ephemeral vocals from their earlier work. The vocal stems and synth sets used to distort them are used in a manner similar to the stellar M83 album Saturdays = Youth from 2007.

Though still tying into classic Telefon Tel Aviv roots, Immolate Yourself is a definite shift of paradigm, almost like their own Human After All, wherein Daft Punk strayed from their comfort zone in an attempt for something fresh. However, Immolate is more reinforced as an album with strong continuity and persistent audio assaults of beautiful synth change-overs, a high saturation of ambient rhythm supporting the foreground, and powerful vocal breakdowns. This is especially notable in the opening track "The Birds", which builds up with muffled keys to a powerful pinch pattern, and again in "You Are the Worst Thing in the World."

A move to a new record label may also have contributed to a change in style. Now a member of BPitch Control, the team notes that:
"Gone are all of the high-definition micro-edit minutiae in favor of a new approach to texture for us - long form."


01 The Birds
02 Your Mouth
03 M
04 Helen of Troy
05 Mostly Translucent
06 Stay Away from Being Maybe
07 I Made a Tree on the Wold
08 Your Every Idol
09 You Are the Worst Thing in the World
10 Immolate Yourself


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