Saturday, March 13, 2010

No One Knows You...Til It's Over

With Riceboy Sleeps, Jonsi Birgisson had made his way off of the beaten path of the Sigur Ros mentality, blending more rich and complex ambiance together for an audio-map of a landscape previously unexplored. However, turning the corner with a brand new album entitled "Go", Jonsi brings more of his band's roots and strengths into producing a cascade of brilliant melody.

His new album, slated to release on April 6th, is a mastery of Jonsi's rhythmic, synthetic, and vocal qualities. From start to finish, the tracks guide you on an ephemeral journey through melodic valleys, over gorgeous acoustic summits, and deep into the musical framework of the heart of the musician. Sublime string synths flow seemlessly with the powerful and emotion-gripping vocal work.

Tracks that stand out: Grow Till Tall, Sinking Friendships, Around Us. Furthermore, Jonsi does vocal work on this album in English, rather than Icelandic or his invented language, Hopelandish. Keep an eye out for this gem, as it will definitely make a spot on my shelf for itself, as it should yours.

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