Monday, June 29, 2009

The Shoeshine Factory

The man, the legend. Master DJ and trance music producer Armin van Buuren never ceases to amaze with respect to any project he takes on. In particular, his radio show entitled A State of Trance, which has been on air for over 300 weekly episodes is a groundbreaking 2 hour mix every week. He showcases trance music of different genres and styles from around the world in a relentless fashion that is listener friendly from start to finish. He also promotes featured tracks from artists he believes are up and coming in the world of trance and a track from the past he believes to be a show stopper.

Another cool element of the show is a listener poll, allowing fans to vote on specific tracks that hold more talent or power, which is demonstrative of artists' popularity. Since March 2001, the show has been broadcasted in over 29 countries and has an average of 30,000,000 (yes, million) listeners every week.

Starting in 2004, Buuren began to release two hour mix albums spanning two discs of his favourites from the show. This year's A State of Trance 2009 is a staple in the series with an all-star artist line-up with tracks that rend your soul and move your emotions. It is available now in hard copy and on iTunes. If you've never given trance an opportunity, now's the time to do it.