Friday, June 12, 2009


In the next coming months there will be an influx in releases of female-driven acts. Too my chagrin, artists like the ever popular, yet terrible, Lady Gaga have left a permanent stain on the image of what these women are capable of and are aiming to achieve within the genre. Though, I have higher hopes now that I've seen some of the new/newer work of a few notable outfits.

The new single from Canadian group Dragonette entitled "Fixin' to Thrill" is a dynamo of super-heavy grinding synth effects with catchy, yet not cheesy, vocals. The quartet's initial release, "Galore" was a milestone for Canadian and female artists of the genre, melting away the lets-get-drunk-and-party stereotype that artists like Gaga imprinted in people's minds.

Another brand new release from British artist Little Boots, entitled "Hands", is a sixteen track, strobe-lit express, packed with danceable tracks like "New in Town" and "Remedy". However, the upcoming album from fellow Brit La Roux (pictured above) is stealing the show (in my opinion at the very least). Her intensely electric vocal effort in her work is captivating and enthralling. I'm extremely partial to the track "Bulletproof" which has been released via EP along with remixes by a handful of artists including Just a Band. And if that doesn't get your dance-engine revving, you're clearly in a coma.

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Juxtajuke said...

It upsets me that someone like Lady Gaga exists and is popular.