Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zoot Damn!

Sorry Cassie, this album is amazing and you suck. Zoot Woman's new album is mind-blowing. It takes the best of their previous work (which is similar to Junior Boys earliest) and takes a remarkable UK stance on the music. The album incorporates absolutely gorgeous synthetic background effects and bass patterns with a perfect amalgamation of perfectly uniformed frontal electro patterns. This gives the album a completely new experience from a post-The Notwist, Junior Boys aspect (though if you like these artists, you'll like this better I think).

My recommended tracks include:
4. Saturation
9. We Won't Break
2. Lonely By Your Side
1. Just a Friend Of Mine
(Yes in that order. Also, don't listen to Cassie, Chris White agrees with me, and she's on too much coffee)

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