Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tracklist for Tuesday September 22, 2009

The Sales Department - What Made You Thankful in '96
Do Make Say Think - Think
The Forgotten Arm - Sevensevenseven
Zero 7 - Mr. McGee
Fuck Buttons - Phantom Limb
Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff
Kelpe - Eye Candy Bath
Deadmau5 - Lack of a Better Name
Deadmau5 - The 16th Hour
Aerosol - Midnight Ride Down the Mental Freeway
Deadmau5 - FML
Port Royal - The Photoshopped Prince
Port Royal - Anna Ustinova
Aerosol - Transition

1 comment:

NICOLE M said...

just finished listening to your show, great playlist! love that deadmau5 eh I know...fantastic tracks - I personally enjoy "Hi Friend!" quite a bit! I miss all my cjam peeps...anyways keep porting those beats!

I may have already told you this but have you seen the mockumentary "Its All Gone Pete Tong"? You would enjoy it alot i think and the sound track is AMAZING! I have become obsessed with searching for electro from Ibiza.

here is some great music in general to check out or revisit if you already have!
holy shit SydneyBlu is coming to Boom Boom on Oct. 10th! you should totally go. I want to get people out cuz I'll be home that weekend for thanksgiving! ok ill stop leaving lengthy blog comments now lol just overenthusiastic about entering the world of electronic music. did i not tell u this was my goal when you started up this blog back in Dale's class? !