Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fur Fighter

I realize that if I went off on a huge spree of posting about every album that I fall in love with that you would see thirty posts in one day. Unfortunately, however awesome it would be to share my opinion as such, I do have a social life. Yet Pins & Panzers by Brooklyn trio Plushgun has caught more than just my normal attention. The band's name comes from Dan Ingala's idea for the project as being "something soft, something killer".

Being a fan of indie-rock as well as electronic music, the style of this album could be comparable to Los Campesinos! gone electronic with a little more of a slow feel to it. The catchy lyrics are complemented perfectly by sometimes quick, sometimes slow simple synth patterns and rock solid drumming by Matt Bogdanow.
Plushgun’s songs are nostalgic, poppy, dance-able, and surprisingly deep. Whether they are about chasing dying romances (“Just Impolite”), high-school anxiety (“How We Roll”) or angst-riddled anthem’s for a lost generation (“Dancing in a Minefield,”) Plushgun tackles these themes with unabashed catchyness in an electrolicious soundscape.

So if you're a fan of indietronic acts like Hellogoodbye, The Postal Service etc. then you should definitely be on the lookout for this new allstar album in stores, as it was released February 17, 2009 on Tommy Boy Records.


coralcola said...

brandon, couldnt find your email on here. wanted to send along a new track. hope you dig it.

b-webb said...

I'll let you know what I think. Thanks.