Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well we can all blame Nicole Markham of CJAM's Washing Machine for inexplicably getting me absolutely hooked on this new female, Canadian artist. Vancouver-based electro-pop wonder Christer has blatantly demonstrated to me, yet again, how catchy and damn fun the right combination of pop vocals and playful synth-keys can be. Her 2009 album Techna is a powerhouse of a demonstration of her skills to pull off this combination. On the assumption that a few of you will pull the whole "Man, electro-pop is so played out" or "I'm so sick of all of this postal service-style stuff", blah blah blah. I can say with conviction that Techna will break you from this rut.

The album starts off with the supercharged "How You Like It" slaps down warming vocals that wrap around your entire head when you have headphones on and continues its assault with deeper, acid-like riffs that eventually are gift-wrapped with colourful strings to play the song out. Other tracks like "Cadaver" and "Trees And Rockets" use more pinpoint keystrokes and bass kicks to complement the vocal work in an effective and thoroughly enjoyable fashion.

If you're a fan of Ladyhawke, you'll love this. If you're not a fan of Ladyhawke, you'll still love this.

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