Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From The Ground Up

What makes for an enjoyable evening while out?

Often I debate with myself what are the key factors in contributing to the fabrication of a successfully fun outing with friends and found there are, to me anyway, some crucial factors (which must be working in unison), to create a night out or a gathering a good one.

The Location
Usually a bar or pub, the location is the foundation upon which you build your event, and must be evaluated for its quality of drinks, lighting, food, atmosphere, and cleanliness (which the pros must out-weigh the cons).

The Weather
Choosing a home base for the outing ties in to the conditions outside that evening. Plans may go astray if there is too much walking when it is too cold out, or wanting to have a fire for that matter.

The "Meat"
The core of the gathering should be something everyone can relate to (music, cards, games, seal clubbing , etc). This however is subject to utility, where the greatest amount of people should be satisfied, because you'll always have a killjoy.

The Drinks
Just make sure, if there are drinks, that they're cold and plentiful, paying close attention to the specific preferences of others.

The Group
People who have the same interests and tastes which coincide with "the meat" of the evening work best, and will provide the greatest satisfaction during conversation (and being social in general)

These five elements are all attached and must be working for an event to be fully successful, not just for the host, but for all guests. And one last point: Drunkeness is a team effort; if one of your douche friends is falling over, you are obligated to help. Yeah, you.


johnnehm said...

I like how I let myself get that fat...

Grey said...

nonsense. you're a runner.

skos said...

i love you both. and i took that picture. fine job, n'est pas